Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Tell You

wish me luck guys !!

those who always accompany me :)

i think science is a difficult lesson, so I must study hard to be mastered.

yupp I'll tell my struggle for graduation at this time.
I started by following the various lessons, tutoring, consulting with teachers, and study or discussions with friends. I was very afraid of this, yes I'm afraid not pass or get bad grades. so to prepare for national exams, I'm always learning and keeping my health.

for other things such as assignments, homework, etc, I try to I leave aside, because I prefer the national exam.

after the national exam, I still have to follow the school final examinations. ago, the bar exam. Alhamdulillah, the national exams and school final exams had I spent it well, now I'm just preparing myself for the bar exam, the result of graduation, as well as new student graduation results. all, pray for me yaaaa,
so I can graduate with good grades and get a senior high school who I want :D amin

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