Friday, May 14, 2010

Christopher Kane vs Risto Bimbiloski

hello, now I'll post about astronomy and fashion, after thinking about it, right out of my mouth "HOT" it must be cool! yap, Christopher Kane and Risto Bimbiloski touch of astronomy in their design, there is a cloud, smoke bomb, and many more. and of course you guys will like it! and surely you will say AWESOME AWESOME!

and this friends, is the work of Christopher Kane..

and this, the work of Risto Bimbiloski

Which do you think is more powerful among them? Phew, I can not choose


Farah said...

i like this! The posted was awesome :D

Fairy Floss to Me said...

thank you so much dear :)

Breshna & Rona said...

i can't choose either, this is just an amazing collectioN!! x

Fairy Floss to Me said...

yapp, i know that :)

btw, thanks for comment :)

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