Tuesday, May 11, 2010

just like me

I found this image on Devian Art, and I was immediately excited to saw it, HAHA that's because I think it's like me. when the Daily Life, Weekend Life to Academic Life. every waking I always immediately get out of bed and went to my laptop. when I met with the internet, I like to forget the time! I often don't eat, don't shower, because I really want to browse the internet again and again hehe, oh really like me! yeah I never feel satisfied for that! I really enjoyed this, especially during the holidays, yes I am very happy to wake up the day and sleep late at night after watching a movie that I liked. My mom would often scold me this, but I'm still running my habit is no guilt hehe. oh really like me!

want to see more clearly? click on the photo!


Mudrica Rusfiani said...

Hi ayu!
your blog's stunning, dear!

keep up your good ideas :)


Fairy Floss to Me said...

hi darl :)
thank you so much :)


i'll visit your blog sist :)

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