Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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hmmm, maybe this is unimportant to you. because I was upset to post anything, so I'll tell you this, yaaa I think this is something important to tell, but I'm a little embarrassed to tell it hehe okay, just sharing :)
last night I dreamed of him! I'm so glad, HAHA I miss him, because this is a long vacation, so I never met him, and that I dreamed of him ehehe I'm dreaming, she spoke with me and we joked as usual, and it's very convenient if I was near him :) not only in dreams I feel the comfort that, in real life I would feel the same way, COMFORTABLE. yap, that's what I feel, maybe it also makes me like him. i tell this to my two friends, and they just laughed :' yaaa i know, if he doesn't have any thing to be proud of (hehehe) but after I think, there's one thing he can be proud! hmmm he can make me fall in love, and can make a girl to enter his name in every prayer! yaaa I always pray for him, praying that he has the same feeling like me :) amin
ok guys, thanks've read :) sorry if you think this is excessive, but I think, you also have experienced these things hehe

okeeey, added four more blogs that I like! and this is them :

(quirkyexplosion.blogspot.com and the blogger in Lexy. which I like from her is, that outfit she's wearing a very cheap! and I'm so I'm very love with that outfit.)

(June Paski, http://junepaski.blogspot.com she's from bandung, she published in the magazine Teen Vogue! as Blogger of the Moment and Snapshot Blog Girl of the Week, W-O-W!! that I liked from her is, She can make a cool DIY! and which makes me surprised, She don't like mini skirts, mini shorts or something similar)

(glistersandblisters.blogspot.com and behind this blog is Michelle Koesnadi, she's Indonesian Fashion Blogger, and She ranked second in Indonesia Matters Rank under Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate and Mint!! wow)

(Jess from http://www.jesslovesfred.com/ that I like about her is, She's beautiful, and yupp again, I loved She outfit that to wear and thats very cheap! hehe)

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Prasidya Darmayu Atina said...

comment please :D

Wendy said...

Good recommendations! I really like Quirky Explosions!

Prasidya Darmayu Atina said...

haha me too :)

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