Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i got it !

good morning all, yippieeee i got what i want :D

i'm very happy today, because yesterday my mom has holiday, so we decided to go out. finally we went to kemang, i watched a movie that i really want, yuppp Toy Story 3!! very funny and entertaining. but, in the last part that's the part i hate most, because it's part of the sad -_- Andy gave all his toys to the Bonnie. Bonnie is a sweet little girl and loving toys, when they want to sleep too, Bonnie uses the same bed with all the toys, so so  cute! and that is very sad when every toy garbage trucks transported, they all want to be destroyed by the machines, to be burned. but fortunately there were three little Alien, by using the "claw" and captures all the toys, so there is no burning WOW thumbs up for the Alien :D

 thank you guys..

and my favorite part is that every scene that played Barbie and Ken, they are very romantic and sweet :)

okay, thanks Toy Story 3 has made me happy :D

and look! Toy Story 3's movieteimeter! click here

not only that, i also bought Marmut Merah Jambu book by Raditya Dika, his story is very funny! and my favorite part,is the section "Balada Sunatan Edgar" HAHAHA okay,and the part that he got from Oscar Wilde :

like two ships that passed during the storm, 
we have crossed the street from each other
 but we don't make a signal, 
we don't say a word 
we don't have anything to say

 indonesianya :

seperti dua kapal yang berpapasan sewaktu badai,
kita telah bersilang jalan satu sama lain
tapi kita tidak membuat sinyal,
kita tidak mengucapkan sepatah kata pun
kita tidak punya apa pun untuk dikatakan


 okay, i hope you like it :D bye, see ya on the next post, and dont forget, follow my blog via Bloglovin' or Google if you like :D


Fashion wild said...

cute blog!!

Stevia said...

watched toy story 3 too!
2 hours just passed by without me realizing it

Barbie and Ken was super silly yet cute <3

care to join my giveaway?
it's so simple


Aitzi. said...

Thank for following me, and sorry for my bad english S: Your blog is so cute too, i'll follow it!
Kiss (L)

problemasinpuntofinal said...

i like your blog too,
so i follow you ok? xoxo

Cris said...

Toy story! It's really nice.
I follow you,ok? i like your blog.

Viv said...

just saw toy story 3 last night and it was awesome!!!!


Stevia said...

followed you back! ;)

Ruth said...

Hey there...
thanks for visiting me, following me and leaving me a kind comment! you have a cute blog and i'm certainly following back!!

Nice to meet you!!

Micaela said...
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Prasidya Darmayu Atina said...

thanks guys for your visited and your comment ;D

Clara said...

lovely post
amazing blog

libys11 said...

ooohh i wanna see the movie too!! :D i heard it was cute and fun! :D

Animated Confessions

The Petite Blogger said...

nice blog!!!! i didnt know toy story 3 was out! shud watch it someday!

xoxo jenna

Aisa Putri Sekartaji said...

haven't watch TS3 but i guess it's very good :) have a nice day
xoxo, Aisa

viva la vida lolita said...

love toys story!! i really want to see the new one so bad!! cute blog :)

Abernathy said...

thank you very much!! :)
I love toy story!!

Ray said...

I love Toy Story, but I have yet to see the third movie! I'm glad it was good! I can't wait to see it. I love your blog--and thank you so much for the kind comment!

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