Saturday, June 12, 2010

wow wuw waw

I really admire them! yupppp Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith.

I really like this song, "don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandroooo" hahaha AWESOME AWESOME :D as usual, Gaga is always performed miserably! I like her costume, in this video so so so cool, and edgy!!!! and her acting is also very cool and amazing :O i hope Farah (my friend) like this, cause she's Little Monsta, and soooo in love with GAGA :D check it out guys :D

and I really like the last part, she looks creepy, but it's really cool!!! she's like this .. rrrrrr


This is the song "Never Say Never" wow. here, Justin and Jaden's really cool! especially section "and there's just no turning back" wow justin is COOL :D you know Jaden? yeah he became the main role in the Karate Kid movie with Jackie Chan woooohoooo he's really cool! especially when he sing rap "now he's Bigger than me, taller than me. he's now older than me, Stronger than me"

WOW WOW WOW COOOOL :O sorry if i exaggerated, because it's so fact hahaha

if you want proof? look at this ...

this is the Karate Kid trailer, -in theaters on June 11


and I also like this ... This is a behind-the-scenes "Somebody to Love" in here justin sing with Usher, Usher yuppp the angel man who has made a soaring justin :D hahaha LOL. but thanks to Usher, Justin has been sent to us :'D okay, in this video clip, Justin was very cool with his dance (as usual) WOW :D and I'm sure you'll like, enjoy it guys :D

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Farah said...

of course i love Alejandro-Lady gaga!!
i love them all,i like Jaden Smith too :)

Prasidya Darmayu Atina said...

yeaaaah i so in love with them.

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