Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sou Brette

sorry if you think me as a bad blogger because the contents of my blog which is less inspiring. yap i hit the "crisis of inspiration" haha LOL. ya i'm very hard to find inspiration, my place of living environment isn't supportive of it. very difficult to find inspiration. yap, sorry for the umpteenth time to do so yea! maybe for now i just post something that i like and i think interesting, but i promise if i've got a super cool outfit and has a solid partner, i'll post the coolest to you all! love ya allllll smoochyy smochyy :*** oh yea i found something really cool from here. WOW croco blazer!! so AWHSOME isn't it? love love it!!! ok here it is :

ok how about you?? haha. ok and i have something cool too for youuuuu, yap cool shop!! and thats is Sou Brette. and here it is :

Sou Brette's current collection, Runic, was inspired by tales of an apocalyptic future. Narratives so destructive that color had become a memory of the past. Most of the materials used in Runic were drawn by that concept: cotton ropes, polished metal, safety pins, and Sou Brette's staple element, resin.

Runic is meant to symbolize humanity's desire to make the best out of any situation, to embody the beauty in despair, and to empower the beauty from within.

i got that article from here


blogger with them
 she's from Style Bubble

 and Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate and Mint

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Jaqueline said...
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Jaqueline said...

sorry td salah tulis :s
followed :D wanna exchange link ? :)


Prasidya Darmayu Atina said...

it's ok dear, thanks for follow my blog yea :)

Effy said...

Love the collection, it's really eccentric! XX

valonia irene said...

love your blog , nice to know it :)
mind to exchange link anyway?

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