Monday, July 26, 2010

We ♥ It Attack

as usuall, i opened the site and i found a lot of cool photos which is very inspiring. yap, that's why i'm posting this, all pics in here i got from and  i edit a bit hehe. i hope you like ya, smochyyyyyyy

make up, and i loveee this

hair hair haiiiiir

alexa and pixie, oh yeaaaah

lets follow my blog on bloglovin' and my twitter, aaaand add my facebook too ;) thanks you all, smochyyy


fashion nightmare said...

great photos !

emily said...

i love the make up photos. it's fierce :)

nonasenorita said...

ahh i adore alexa aswell.. great blog!!

i have followed you, follow me back pls darl? :)

here is my blog NONASENORITA


Teresa said...

Wow, that lion headpiece is crazy but oh so fun to look at!


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