Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lena Hoschek

i have new love, she's designer, and she's Lena Hoschek! her work is so vintage, chic and simple. she works are reflection of her adoration to the 40s-50s looks, wow! i love Coco Before Chanel  movie and the work of Lena Hoschek, has the same style of Coco Chanel,  but there is also a feminine and elegant style, but remember, Lena clothing and equipment using simple stitches.

ooh coco is the woman who gave me lots of inspiration, through films such as Coco Before Chanel makes me know her, i so know how difficult it is to find the money to stay afloat life and dreams, ranging from bar singer, a prostitute, and eventually married. until one day she finds the time to realize her dreams, she never wasted an opportunity altogether. and tadaaaaa! she can become a renowned designers, professionals, and finally her name is very meaningful to the world of fashion. ooh i want to have a happy ending live..

ok my dear, lets we check her work♥


ooh God I NEED PHOTOSHOP. at my new school there is graphic design lessons and my teacher will give a free Photoshop software, so i just gave him a blank CD. but i don't know when he will give it, and i'm sure if it will be very long!! gaaah forget it~

hi my dear, now i have something new for you to visit. and it is my tumblr. actually i've had this account before, but i never take care of it. and lately i edit it and tadaaaaa! you can see anything i liked there, you can give your likes, comment, or reblog if you like my posted. but if you like my tumblr account, you can FOLLOW me dear ;) ok, to visit my tumblr, click in here ya, okee selamat bersenang-senang haha :D

oh tumblr, you're so simple~

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 for Lena Hoschek more details click here

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Effi said...

Amazing pics, I really like the 60's inspiration in those pictures. beautiful(:

fhen said...

love these pictures!
thanks for sharing

Phuong said...

nice photos!!

Thanks for the sweet comment! My photos are taken in the Netherland, Rotterdam

kerry said...

wow! i totally agree her work is stunning!!!! thanks so much for posting the link and photos. loving your blog by the way, definitely a new favourite, and your new follower :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

hai,,,blogwalking here..

nice post..

wanna exchange link and follow me??

JohanPrinze said...

i love your blog.i just found it.i link it to my blog!

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