Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hermès Spring 2011

hi there! as usual, i open my daily read site and i opened Spring 2011 by Hermès. i love this style so much. see the ultra-high-waisted pants, chic leather-fronted cardigans, gorgeous suede jackets, leather skirt, a flowing gown in ombré chiffon, or the capes of mousseline that swathed the finale. aaah i want!!! then Karlie Kloss, every designer's favorite equestrienne, stalked out in second-skin black leather, brandishing a riding crop. her lean, sexy, and ever-so-fetishistic look set the tone for the whole show.

it scarcely seems possible that there could be such a material as "transparent crocodile" but if anyone is capable of producing such stuff, it would have to be Hermès. and the designer best placed to use it would naturally be Jean Paul Gaultier.  and Gaultier is a master tailor, and here he maximized his talent to create an austere but sensuous glamour. *from

and look at the clothes below girls, brown brown brownieee with boots, khaki colour we'll look so chic, + fashionable + stylish. i love the hats, and every details from all this pics below. especially for the middle pic or the third pic, i love that! transparant blazer~ ahhh

look at this, i love this details so much. for first pic, i like the detail on the chest strap, it's like an arranged nodes wonderful if we wear them. even though it's only cross-shaped, and there is a functioning strap are like belt. especially brown colored top, i liked it *i love brown*. and i also love gloves made of leather, that SO COOL. for second pic, i love the robes dark gray with mini orange belt♥ 

and then for the third pic, simple answer.. i love the orange bag! and i think brand for that bag is murberry*sorry if i wrong*. and for the fourth pic, i like the unique detail on the chest and i love cream colour. and you should know, i love netral colours like cream, grey, brown, black, and white. and for the last pic beause i love PINK. yap, beside i love the netral colours, i love pink, purple, and blue.
and i wanna show you my favorite clothes for this fahion show "Hermès Spring 2011" . awww love love loveeee. and here they are.. i hope you like dear

and watch this, i got from Paris Spring 2011 RTW. and, bye! thanks for reading. click to visit --> my Tumblr.

p.s *all pics edited by me*

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those hats are fantastic!

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