Friday, October 15, 2010

Jefrrey Campbell

lately I really wanted this one shoe, this shoe is very cool and very easy to make people fall in love with them. let's guess what that shoe? Jeffrey Campbell! and here they are ..

and i loveeee this one, and the most I like about this shoe is, connecting the right shoes! i love it, and i love the colour to. grey! yap my favorite colour is grey. love love love

ooh somebody help meeee!! please gimme Jefrey Campbell huhuhuhu LOL ah for me jefrey campbel's price is too expensive for me. ya ya ya this is my destiny, be a stronger!!!  (?)

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Lizelisabeth said...

great blog! i love your shoes pick!!


holla at me will ya! ;)

Prasidya D. Atina said...

aw thanks♥

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