Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Simpsons Couture

hi readers this was already long, this is The Simpsons Couture Harper's Bazaar August 007 "The Simpsons go to Paris with Linda Evangelista" and maybe you too have seen this. but i'll post about this because i like the simpsons! and one of my favorites are The Simpsons go to Paris :) enjoy..

Marge lets down her hair for Versace. and she's sooooo fantactic! sexy! LOVE IT :D Marge wear the glowing dress from Versace, what do you think?

look at Marge and Linda! they look so elegant with Chanel dress. Marge look so pretty with fur dress. and look!! there are an my ucle, uncle Karl *lol* and Homer Simpsons the Marge's husband. and they posed with the same style haha

family style. there are an Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Bart. STYLISH FAMILY! p.s : i love dress that Marge wear :)

I don't see Marge in this picture. I just saw linda a very sexy with that outfit, but i'm not sure if i would feel comfortable wearing a dress that was worn linda haha

simple, i love top that Linda wear and i love accessories that Lisa wear, and all clothing and accessories on Lisa and Linsa, Lanvin.

for last pic, i loveee Linda's robe and her hat! loveee it so muuuch hahaha. ok, i think that's enough. visit my tumblr yeabye readers!  hug and kisses :*

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BASIC by valoniairene said...

love your blog dear, and also love the simpsons go to paris yay!
anyway, you may check our new collection at

Carissa said...

LOL! simpons version of vogue definitely funny :D :D

joninel said...

really cool :) haha...

Dewanti Primayani said...

LOL it's ridiculously gorgeous! where did you find it?
btw you have a nice blog :)
follow each other? :)

Viv said...

wow, thanks for sharing this, i think it's totally awesome that they did something related to fashion! i was definitely surprised by your post :)

Ninja said...

haha I had never seen this before, so very cool :D thanks for sharing!

great blog.

xxx irinja (

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