Fairy Floss to Me is a fashion blog, created by a little girl who has a keen interest in traveling, fashion, art, potography, social, and many more. she's a fanciful girl, always make a design for a beautiful and happy life. on this blog she poured everything she was feeling and whatever she likes, and she's also hoping anyone who reads her blog will be like too.  

and she's Prasidya Darmayu Atina. she's fourteen years old from Jakarta-Indonesia. she's student in high school and now she's first grade. and she has many friends who always supported her to doing things. 

spends too much time :
+ tweeting - blogging - tumblring +
+ watching movies - reading fashion magazine +
+ mix and match something +

doesn't spend enough time :
+ get best score in class +
+ having adventures +
+ doing school work +

she likes cookies, fashion magazines, comics, novels, movies, and vintage things, and from there she got the inspiration to post a profit postings. then she likes 2nd hand clothing. and if you like her posted, her blog, or her self you can follow her. on twitter, facebook, via Goggle conect, or bloglovin'. and you can find her in tumblr,  looklet, polyvore, and weheartit. thanks for reading, and keep enjoy in here dear

Prasidya D. Atina

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