she is a girl who likes to create an account anywhere, facebook, twitter, youtube and many more. lets  we find her!

= The Blog =

as you know, she like fashion so she made this blog to pour her passion, to exchange ideas with people who have the same interests. yap. Fairy Floss to Me and tumblr. i hope you like ..


= Follow the Blog =

 if you like her blog, or her posted, you can follow her on

find this badge on the right blog 


= Music and Video = 

she likes music and video clips, so she was always to keep the video in whatever she likes to Favorite List on youtube. wanna see her music tastes? check this

= Social Networking =

she likes to meet new people. starting from mentions - exchange phone numbers - meet - greetings - chat - kidding - be a friend - care - understand each other - best friends. easy to say but difficult to do.


= Fashion =

besides the blog, she also poured her interest to Looklet and Polyvore. you can see her work, and you can leave your comments if you like.


= ART =

as you know too she so fallin love with art sooooo check this




 ok dear keep enjoy my blog ya! and you can visit and follow my account if you like and if you want hahaha love ya all. smoochy :*


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